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Employee Testimonials

Our employees have great things to say about their experiences working here:

"It’s really cool to be able to know I worked and touched something that is now on Mars — the Curiosity Rover.  We have a very high level of engineering talent." — Emily H.

"L3 CE takes Continuous Improvement seriously.  Between Tiger Teams, Process Improvement Action Teams, Kaizen Events, 5S, Six Sigma, and Lean, there are plenty of ways to get engaged across functions." — Ryan H.

"We have a clean work environment, strong innovation and product technology, and an interesting, challenging scale of work.  People are passionate about what they do, and the growth potential within and throughout the manufacturing area is huge from a process and innovation standpoint.  We aren’t making consumer products here; we are making hi-tech, unique systems all the time.  The products we produce — save and protect lives." — Charlotte F.

"I’m really happy with how the company keeps progressing and the positive changes taking place.  They create opportunities for new and upcoming engineers, and chances to move ahead." — Mike L.

"Working in our Quality organization provides a good combination of advancement opportunities and engaging challenges — on programs like the space-based Atlas and Delta rocket avionics or various satellite electronics, or in Infrared detectors on platforms such as the F-35 fighter jet. You could be inspecting things as varied as 1mil bond wires or exotic parts within many different processes.  ASQ certifications, CBT and reimbursement for advanced education all help you move up." — Erin E.

"What really attracted me to L3 CE was the caliber of people in the engineering organization, and how many different types of engineering disciplines there are here.  analog, RF, digital, embedded, environmental, system, mechanical, support, component, and of course all of the “ilities”, reliability, testability, safety…" — Tim J.